The Legend of Atticus John

Atticus John Cabernet Savignon Napa ValleyAtticus John Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa is not a new wine for us. We've had it for two years and three vintages, the current of which is the landmark 2007 vintage in Napa Valley. Despite it not having a huge promotional machine behind it like many other Napa Cabernets, it has been one our best selling wines since we brought it in. Just about everybody who has ever tried it has become hooked. And we mean HOOKED! Running out of it is simply not an option if we want to keep our many loyal customers happy.

Who was Atticus John? According to the legend told by many Napa farmers, he was a recluse who lived in the valley around the turn of the 20th century. He had several dozen large dogs and lived his whole life off of what the bountiful Napa soil had to offer. The story sounded so genuine and appropriate, they named the wine after him.

What is Atticus John? The source is a very well known high end Cabernet producer near St Helena. We have a guess as to who it is, and if we are correct then you are getting a $60 bottle for about one third of that. Almost 32 barrels were blended with no fining, no filtration and one final racking to bottle. It is labeled as;"Atticus John Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley" because the producer had more wine than the current economy could support at the higher prices they normally command. It is incredibly rich, with flavors of dark fruits and spice.

One taste and you will know why it's been such a success story.

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