Holiday Wine Picks Part III: Cheese

Wine and cheese charcuterie board

Welcome to the Holidays, continuing on with part 3 of our Holiday Wine Picks, we are rolling out our holiday wine parings for cheese.

Very popular and found at almost every holiday get-together, cheese is a perfect appetizer and wonderful with wine. Picking cheeses can be hard enough, and knowing which wine to choose can be even more challenging; that's why the staff at We Speak Wine developed our holiday wine guide for cheese.

There are several different styles of cheese, and we break things down into 4 different types.

Hard Aged Cheeses:

Hard aged cheese come in many varities some being:Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana padano, Aged Cheddars, Aged Gouda, Asiago, Dry Jack:

What to pair with:

We love Tannic reds and robust whites, but sweeter wines can complement saltier varieties of aged cheeses.

Semi-Hard, and Slightly Aged Cheeses:

A bit stronger taste but not pungent or extremely sharp, examples include:Asiago (fresh), Beaufort, Caciotta, Cantal, Cheddar, Edam, Gruyere, Idiazabal, Leyden, Mahon, Manchego, Swiss.

What to pair with:

medium bodied white wines, lighter reds that are fruit forward will pair well.

Semi-Soft Cheeses:

There are many semi-soft cheeses avaiable that are great for snacking and enjoying with wine. Some varieties inlcude Bel Paese, Caciovavallo, California jack, Gouda, Havarti, Muenster, and more.

What to pair with:

Rose, sparkling wines, and bright, crisp white wines with notes of fruit or citrus will be delightful. For the more pungent a sweeter wine like Gewurztraminer can pair well.

Blue Cheeses:

Blue cheeses are unique, often pungent and with a strong distinct flavor. Varities you may enjoy include Gorgonzola, Saga blue, Stilton, Bleu d'Auvergne and Valdeon.

What to pair with:

Because of their Bold and often salty taste, we prefer to pair them with sweet reds and port wines.

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