Bordeaux Done Right

Say what you will about the French, but one undeniable fact is that their farmers know their grapes, and they know how to make wine. Wine making is an art which they began in France in the 6th century BC, and they've been perfecting it ever since. Last week a French blend wowed us so much, we couldn't help but to make it a featured wine on our site, and we wanted to share our impressions of it with those we know appreciate their wine.

Domaine La Croix d'Arton makes a right-bank-style bordeaux which exemplifies everything this region does well. The nose is exactly what you would expect from it's lively red colour; warm and inviting with the spice of the Syrah clearly evident. On the palate, we discovered a fresh and complex roundness not typical of Old World wines.

Also atypical, and really what surprised us the most, was the price. As a result we are pleased to offer this bordeaux for under $11. Old World wines usually beg for an edible accompaniment, but we think this wine is so ripe, it can very well be enjoyed on it's own.


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