You Speak Wine: Folie A Deux Menage A Trois Red 2007

This week we would like to open a discussion on Folie A Deux Menage A Trois Red 2007. If you are new to You Talk Wine, which we are sure you are because we have just launched our website, we invite everyone to tell us your experiences with this wine. Please feel free to provide your own critique by placing a message in the comments area of the blog, this will help others select the perfect wine for their occasion. We will preview your comments and moderate them, once we do that we will approve a comment and it will show on the website.

  • WINE INFORMATION: (from producer)
  • Composition: Zinfandel, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Oak Aging: French & American
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • T.A.: .60/100ml
  • pH: 3.55
  • Release Date: June 2008


Our 2007 Ménage à Trois exposes the fresh, ripe, jam like fruit that is the calling card of California wine. Forward, silky and soft, this delicious dalliance makes the perfect accompaniment for grilled meats or chicken.

So what do you think? Let us know if you have tried this wine, give us your 2 cents.

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