Norton Ridge: Great Wine Making is in Their DNA!

A while back, we found what we thought was the best "pound for pound" Pinot Noir we'd ever tasted; Norton Ridge. On our reccomendation you bought a ton of it. In fact, the winery ran out and we are waiting on the new vintage sometime this week. (So we hope)

The other day we were introduced to its sibling, Norton Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from Napa. Technically, we should say re-introduced because we have definitely tasted it before, and we liked it. Did it make us do back flips before? No, but it was a good, solid Napa Cab for a very good price. The other day the sales rep brought it again, and he had a look in his eye. "You need to re-taste this wine," he said,"something happened to it in the bottle. It's absolutely stunning."

He was right. Full of blackberry, plum, many flavors we didn't remember the wine having before. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised, 2007 was a landmark vintage for Napa. However, for a wine at that price to evolve the way it did after bottling is just stunning.

There wasn't a great deal of it left and we bought what we could. We think you should too. You won't be disappointed.

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