Knockout Pinot Noir

Norton Ridge Pinot Noir 

If you are a sports fan there are no better conversations to have than one's that debate "who's the best".

The most hotly debated is probably who is the best baseball player of all time? Hard to argue with Babe Ruth's numbers, and the guy won 100 games as a pitcher to boot! But Joe Dimaggio played every aspect of the game like no other. Yet Willie Mays combined power and speed better than anyone. Then there's Mantle, Gehrig, Clemente....on and on it goes.

Boxing goes at it on two levels. Who was the best fighter of all time in a given weight class like Heavyweight? Ali? Marciano? Louis? The second argument crosses weight levels as well as generations. Who was the best fighter "pound for pound"? Sugar Ray Leonard is often given this crown, while some historians point to Henry Armstrong. He held three World Titles at the same time in three different weight classes!

It's that second question about The Sweet Science that leads us to......Pinot Noir.

Norton Ridge Russian River Pinot Noir might be the best Pinot Noir we sell "pound for pound". You can't get a terrific bottle for less, with D. Bosler and Jelu coming to mind. And there are certainly wines that offer levels of complexity that surpass Norton. But for (price) Norton Ridge is absolutely untouchable. For $10 more it's still very, very tough to beat.

We recently opened up a bottle for an in-store tasting and sold 8 cases in three hours. We are fairly certain that everyone that tried it bought at least one bottle, with most people buying between two and six!

Gorgeous, lush cherry fruit with the perfect balance of spice and acidity make this wine a classic rendition of Russian River Pinot Noir. It is unquestionably a steal at this price!

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